A collaboration between Buck and Stormin Norman


 Approximately 13” x 9” x 8”

This piece showcases Buck’s incredible signature fish structure and glass engineering skills while beautifully presenting Norm’s elaborately decorated rainbow palette of detail work. 

This piece was constructed and fused together by Buck. THe foundation of this piece is Buck's very own custom color "liquid gold”,  HAND-PULLED FROM A LIQUID BOROSILICATE FURNACE BY BUCK IN HIS private OREGON STUDIO.  

Featuring Norm’s signature Orbacle design, this gorgeous fish boasts a belly filled with a wild arrangement of Millefiori mushrooms.  Norm’s colored design work can be seen throughout the Lattacino teeth and spikes, Reticello eyes, fins, tail and spine. Norm’s Millefiori marbles are also accented on the fish’s fins and tail. 

This piece debuted at Heaterz 2021 in Denver, Colorado.