A collaboration between BUCK and WJC  



The Quetzalcoatl is a magnificently engineered work of art constructed and fused together by Buck and adorned with WJC faceted drawings. This piece features a WJC signature stargate functional design mounted in the middle. Within the jaws of the Quetzalcoatl, resides a spirit molecule formed out of a series of spiral marbles. On either side of the piece shines double stacked, faceted WJC elaborately drawn aztec themed disks. There are three more faceted WJC drawn Aztec themed disks including a large third eye crystal, a nose crystal and the functional mouthpiece.  

This the framework of this fierce creature and it’s ghostlike glassy eyes were crafted with Buck’s very own custom color “croc water”,  HAND-PULLED FROM A LIQUID BOROSILICATE FURNACE BY BUCK IN HIS private OREGON STUDIO. The incredible line work of this piece displayed throughout the dragon’s framework, spikes and accents was also prepared and constructed by Buck. 

Inspired by ancient aztec culture the Quetzalcoatl is a supernatural deity and mythical hero ruling as the god of sun, wind and air and providing a power source of knowledge and creative inspiration. This piece debuted at Heaterz Show 2021 in Denver, Colorado.