a one-of-a-kind luxury functional lion sculpture created by Buck and Adam G 

Approximately 24" x 18" x 11"


 The structural foundation for this majestic work of art is crafted from hand mixed and hand pulled colored glass in North Star’s light yellow melted in Buck’s private Oregon glass studio. This gorgeous lion boasts over thirty signature Adam G cold-worked, faceted glass elements featured both inside and on the surface of the piece. Nine of these faceted elements are bound together through Buck’s complex fusing techniques and display a perfectly aligned geometric arrangement forming the powerful stature of the lion’s face.

Bestowed upon the lion king’s head and full mane lays a crown adorned with twelve jewels intricately fumed with silver and a touch of gold ruby. The chest of the lion showcases five large gold ruby and silver fumed diamond cut faceted jewels, presenting one very large remarkable prominent jewel as the main focal point in the center.

Framing the base of the lion’s chest sits faceted, cuffed shoulders on either side. Layered within the lion’s chest rests a separate removable section where the functionality is preformed. Situated inside this area is a suspended diamond shaped gold ruby percolator encapsulated in a beaker sculpted hookah apparatus.

There are two fully flexible faceted articulated glass hoses that are unique, original designs invented by Buck. These hookah hoses are concluded with each end leading into a hollow silver fumed faceted Adam G jewel operating as a mouthpiece. The entire assembly was methodically constructed by Buck through a labyrinth of maneuvers exhibiting his extreme engineering expertise.

Having been worked on over three years time, this lion is a true masterpiece. The “King of Kings” is recognized as one of the most respected and elaborate artistic creations of functional borosilicate glass in history to date. THIS PIECE DEBUTED AT HEATERZ SHOW 2021 IN DENVER, COLORADO.