A collaboration between buck and Adam G 

Approximately  8” x 6” x 5"

This stunning piece is a wonderful expression of Buck’s incredible glass sculpting skills and Adam G's fuming techniques. 

The skull of this piece was entirely constructed and fused together by Buck, forming a wild coyote. This fierce creature was crafted with Buck's very own custom color “croc water”,  HAND-PULLED FROM A LIQUID BOROSILICATE FURNACE BY BUCK IN HIS private OREGON STUDIO.

 This piece is adorned with five signature Adam G silver fumed implosion marbles faceted into stunning glass gems. In addition to these silver fumed elements, each individual tooth was fumed by Adam G and sculpted by Buck. 

Adam G's gems are displayed throughout the skull with a gorgeous centerpiece resting in the coyote's mouth, two faceted gems for eyes, a beautiful large gem decorating the back of the skull and another faceted gem as the functional mouthpiece. This piece debuted at Heaterz SHOW 2021 in Denver, Colorado.